"How to be French en Alberta" is a French language series of documentary shorts. The series explores the rich cultural history and unique lifestyle of Franco Albertans. Character and story driven, the series delves into past and current issues, trends, happenings and events through captivating and entertaining voices relevant to the community as a whole and offers the viewer insight into experiencing francophone culture in Alberta.

The series was made possible by a TELUS STORYHIVE local programming grant. It is the first ever French language series supported by TELUS.

TELUS STORYHIVE supports compelling, original storytelling in British Columbia and Alberta by providing funding to filmmakers to produce their content, to maximize their potential and exposure to new audiences. Content is distributed for free on TELUS Optik TV as well as online.



French was the first European language spoken in Alberta. This is due to the many first settlers of the province being of French Canadian origin. These origins are still apparent today because Alberta has one of the fastest growing francophone populations in Canada. Alberta has the fourth largest francophone population after Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Over 390,000 Albertans are of French descent that is more than 1 in 10.

Alberta's Francophones, known as, Franco Albertans, live throughout the Province with the highest concentration of Franco Albertans in Edmonton and Calgary, however many communities in northern Alberta are still predominantly French speaking.

268,640 Albertans speak French.
— Statistics Canada (2016)


Productions Loft is a fully bilingual production company based out of Edmonton, Alberta operating in both French and English. Loft believes in the power of documentary film and strives to create thought-provoking and engaging stories. Loft documentaries are often character driven, and focus typically on arts and culture.

Co-producers and directors Steve Jodoin and Marie-France Guerrette are proud to be producing French content to be broadcast on a platform with a predominantly English audience. It is exciting to be engaging the community in a new way. Thus, building a bridge, broadening the reach of the French speaking community by interacting with a fresh audience.

A word from the directors : 

As co-directors we feel privileged and grateful to be French Canadian and to be part of the vibrant Franco-Albertan community in Edmonton. This series is somewhat a reflection of our journeys and a celebration of where it has lead us today. We believe that through this medium of unscripted media we have the ability to promote a deeper level of understanding and we are dedicated to sharing the experience of our francophone communities with a broad audience.

Being a minority, we have been very protective of our history and our community. Furthermore, as a small community it can become a bit isolating. Quite frankly, we are tired of telling each other our own story. French-Canadian history in Alberta is a beautiful gem and the effort it takes to maintain, preserve and defend is worth exposing to a new audience.The opportunity to produce bilingual-based content for broadcast to an English speaking audience, will have a major impact on cultural awareness not only in Edmonton but throughout Western Canada.



Writers/Producers/Directors Steve Jodoin & Marie-France Guerrette

Editor  Krystal Moss   

Cinematographer Sergio Olivares

Location Sound Jamie Kidd & Michael Olson

Sound Mix & Audio Post Production  Ian Armstrong

Graphic Design Jenna O'Flaherty  

Color Grading & Online Editing Deja Springfield     

Website Design Bucketduck Inc.